This site is devoted to providing resources to help ARFID sufferers manage our misunderstood and difficult issues. More than anything else, I want this site to offer hope and support to those who are dealing with ARFID and are looking to make changes in their condition. I have ARFID and I’ve made great progress in expanding my diet and managing this condition. But I don’t want to give false hope. Many have difficulty making changes.

I also want to offer support and welcome those who have ARFID and are comfortably managing their situation. There are many happy and healthy ARFIDers and I hope we can change the world’s attitude towards ARFID together.

On my site you’ll find a lot geared towards ARFIDers in their teens and older, a time when most ARFID sufferers really start to wrestle with their condition. But parents are more than welcome here. I’ll provide relevant info because I’m a parent of an ARFID kid too. Looks like it runs in families.

Because there is little research on this condition, much of what we have is anecdotal. It’s the best we’ve got. Most of what you’ll find here is filtered through me. Probably too much of my opinions and interpretations. Take them for what they are worth. I’m not a scientist, doctor, therapist or any credible health related practitioner. But as I mentioned before, I am a life long ARFID sufferer and now ARFID parent who has made tremendous progress in managing my own condition and who wants to help others. I know what we go through.