Potential ARFID Treatment

This is a recent story/quote that is very hopeful for families looking for treatment options. I’ll add Dr. Hyche to the list pf potential treatment options here as well. The author is a lovely person who immigrated to the US and allowed me to include it here.
“My 9 year old son has gone through 6 weeks treatment with Dr. James Hyche, Who has been doing it for 22 years. Before he went to the program, my son only ate carbohydrates. After the program, he is able to eat 30 kinds of new foods. I wrote the story about fight with insurance company and his weekly treatment before the intensive program. It has worked for my 9 year old son. We were also asked to do an interview with USA today, but my son does not want to disclose his name so we rejected the interview.
I should say it was hard at the beginning and Dr. Hyche made him less harder as he broke down it to tiny steps.
The truth is after he went through the initial phobia of new food, he does enjoy so much about at least half  of the the 30 newly added food. He can handle the rest of them pretty well. It is all about the exposure. When one goes to the program, the food for training are called non-proffered food, but some of them have turned to preferred food only the time as he enjoys so much now. Tonight he ate fish fillet and baked mozzarella cheese which were unthinkable. When he asked what the dinner was, for the answer you could hear if he loved it or not. For example, he heared it was cheese stick (non-preferred during the program), he said exuberantly: YES! (he loves it now!) What a transformation!
The intensive program has been a life saver for our son and our lives. Now we can find restaurants to eat when traveling and he can eat with his teammates after the ball games. We can not thank enough for that!”

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